Change your mind, change your life!


Change your mind to cahnge your life!

Our mind is tripartite, this means that our mind operates in three different parts at all times:

The conscious mind
The subconscious mind
And the unconscious mind.

At the moment we will describe the subconscious mind that is where our true essence lives.

What we are, who we are and how we are is completely defined by the programming we have in our subconscious mind.

This programming has been placed directly from the beginning of our lives as children and follows so far as adults, everything we learn and experience is recorded in the subconscious mind.

So altering the programming of this part of our mind we can change our immediate, emotional, and often physiological reality.

For example: if our conscious mind wishes success, but in our subconscious we have limiting beliefs, then surely we’ll fail, because the part that commands and wins in a dispute surely is the subconscious mind, even if we have a lot of conscious will.

So reflect about this…

Who are you currently and who do you really want to be?

Is your conscious aligned with your subconscious to achieve your goals?

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Wishing you health and happiness,

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