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There is a study that has reached the conclusion that when self-esteem is increased, our immune system is reinforced and this leads to greater health.

According to it has been proven that people who have greater self-esteem tend to have a lower heart rate and a stronger immune system, which allows them to be healthy.

The truth is that without you realising it, every day your inner mind bombards you with many negative messages that weaken your self-esteem and in a study it was possible to verify that by listening to 11 minutes of audio clips that exhorted the participants to be more compassionate with themselves, their heart rate ended up being significantly lower.

A low heart rate helps us to enter states of relaxation that increase our chances of healing.

During this study, they worked with 135 university-level students who separated into 5 different groups, each of whom heard a different set of instructions.

One of the groups was asked to calmly and compassionately scan their own body with attention to different sensations.

The second group was suggested an exercise of loving kindness centred on themselves, oriented to have positive thoughts about themselves and their loved ones.

The third and the forth group listened to recordings that led them to activate their critical inner voice putting them in a competitive state that sought to be better than they were now.

And the last group was only asked to imagine that they were making purchases in an emotionally neutral environment.

The results, were then published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, and revealed that the hearts of those who heard the messages of love came to beat two to three times less per minute than those of the negative groups.

Another very interesting study was one that came to discover that having a good partner reduces the risk of premature death, because when people fall in love and find a good partner, sleep better and suffer less stress.

Actually just being close to a loved one improves the immune system and protects us against infections and when have sex, that regulates our muscles and blood flow.

The University of Minnesota has found that having positive and lasting relationships often experience less anxiety after 32 years.

Getting our heart beat a little slower is very interesting, because when it beats too fast it becomes less efficient to pump blood and to nourish our body with oxygen, and if this lasts over time, the heart cells can die and increase the risk of a heart attack.

Another study found that self-esteem can lead to a greater variation between the heartbeat of the participants, meaning that our heart has the ability to adapt to different situations.

Volunteers who showed positive health signs also sweated less and it is known that excessive perspiration is a sign of anxiety and stress.

While subjects who were encouraged to think negatively about themselves had higher heart rates, and sweated more they felt threatened and distressed.

Dr. Karl said that “When our threat response is deactivated, we can strengthen our immune system and that gives us better opportunities to heal.”

And previous research shows that individuals who suffer from recurrent depression, can benefit when they undergo treatments that encourage self-esteem.

Hypnosis is a very effective technique to increase the self-esteem of people, and I would like very much to help you, so if you are looking to improve your self-esteem, I invite you to write me and tell me your problem.

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