How to live to the fullest with self-esteem

How to live life to the fullest

The idea is that we must exploit our capabilities whatever they are and therefore more than moving around the world we have to learn to interact with the world and with this I don’t mean that we have to like what we see and feel but we have to learn to accept what we live, although we also suffer things that we do not live.

Self-esteem is what we think about ourselves and that is why we can’t refuse to think about what we don’t like to think, such as:

“I know I live alone but I don’t want to think about it”

“I know I don’t get well but …”

“I know I get on badly with my children but …”

“I know they don’t pay me what is really worth my job but …”

Because to have better self-esteem, when I realise that something happens to me, I don’t like it, I must find a way to modify it and if I don’t do it alone, I should look for someone to help me achieve it.

Living with self-esteem


Accept yourself

The worst thing that can happen to you is that you are your own enemy, so stop fighting with yourself.

If you fail to feel happy because you don’t get what you want, you can do only two things, try to get it or get used to not having it and still be happy. Because the worst thing you can do is hate yourself for not having it, live sad all day and spread your sadness to others.

Maybe you feel bad because you have made some big mistake and the truth is that you already experienced it, so it is useless to live by recriminating you for what you have done or what you have not done and what you think you should have done. As soon as you encourage yourself to accept that YES, you have made a mistake that is part of your past, but you haven’t done it with the intention of ruining your life. At that time, you thought it was the best you could do and the fact that at this time you think differently does not make you bad or stupid or guilty of the worst punishment, because this moment is not equal to that time.

Become responsible for yourself

So that you can consider yourself worthy of being happy, you must exercise control over your life and this implies taking responsibility for your actions and the achievement of your goals.

And for this you need to accept certain ideas such as:

  • I am responsible for getting what I want
  • I am responsible for what I do and what I do not do
  • I am responsible for the way I treat other people
  • I am responsible for organising my work time and my free time
  • I am responsible for how good my work is and not to accept that it is bad
  • I am the responsible and the architect of my own happiness

Do not be a zombie of your own life

In no way should you accept moving through life as a zombie without a fixed purpose, but you must take the reins and assign to your life a purpose, that is to say that you must use what you already have to get what you want that may be things like: be in a relationship, have children, have more friends, do more exercise, eating healthy, etc.

First of all, you must agree with yourself about the changes you really intend to face and then take the responsibility to start taking the necessary actions to achieve it.

Not doing so transforms us into a kind of zombie, a ship without a rudder that is simply dragged by the current into a place that may not be the place we want to reach.

And don’t forget: If you don’t feel able to achieve what you want alone, then get used to the idea that you should ask for help.

Never give up!

I can help you and I would very much like to do it.


I am motivated and motivating!

I will help you find your joy of life, your calm, your peace of mind,  your inner well-being and help you to live life to the fullest with self-esteem.

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