Hypnosis is sought by many people

We use hypnosis to help people succeed when nothing else has worked.

Hypnosis is the art and science of using verbal and non-verbal patterns of communication to help an individual enter states of altered consciousness according to the Encyclopedia Programming Encyclopedia.

This state is generated by a gradual modification of attention, which can be generated by external factors or  suggestions given by the therapist during communication.

Hypnosis is sought by people of all social classes and ages.
It is a good thing for everyone who allows to move within themselves.

The altered state of consciousness generated by hypnosis is also known as a hypnotic trance, or simply trance. State that we can all achieve during our day, whenever we place full attention on a particular task or event.

When this state of trance is driven by a hypnotherapist it is possible to stay in it longer. It is a state of high concentration, and so it is possible to make positive internal changes, eliminate pain, remember long forgotten information.

Several people are afraid to perform hypnosis and enter into this hypnotic trance because they believe that the hypnotherapist will “get into the mind” of them and read their thoughts, or even that they can go into a trance and never wake up.
All this is part of a set of myths about hypnosis, none of this occurs.

The trance state is a natural state that occurs every day with us, and that through hypnosis techniques it is possible to use that state for several positive changes. It’s something you don’t need or fear. But to enjoy and practice whenever possible.

We use hypnosis to help people succeed when nothing else has worked. Real change comes from within. We empower you to unfold your inherent potential by combining hypnotherapy with psychotherapy techniques.

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