You can lose weight with hypnotherapy

Loosing weight with HypnotherapyClinical Hypnotherapy is not a miracle treatment you do while the client is asleep. It is a complementary therapy, a natural method in which the client is always listening, having full control during the session, being in a state of great muscle relaxation which allows unlocking the emotions that lead him/her to eat food as a form of compensation for something that affects them psychologically. It is a method advised even to children from age 10 who suffer from  obesity.

Changing habits is a painful process and the physical exercise is a practice still little rooted in most of the Australian population. Using food supplements is a risk. In fact, most people do not know what food is most suitable for their body and even how and when to eat. In addition to all this there are psychological factors – family, social and professional events that lead to changes in eating habits. This is the explosive mixture that leads in most cases to overweight. For these reasons, clinical hypnotherapy should always be seen as complementary therapy to a clinical speciality rather than an isolated treatment.

In practice, Clinical Hypnotherapy acts in five stages in the treatment of overweight. Hypnotherapy sessions lasts about three months, divided between six to twelve sessions. Initially the clinical hypnotherapist establish and evaluates the motives and traumas that led to the eagerness to eat, blocking the traumatic situation. Objectives are subsequently set and an analysis of the primary and secondary gains of weight loss is carried out. The third step is to establish an appropriate food plan through a nutritionist. It is given a fourth step when the hypnotherapist ” installs ” in the client’s mind a ” Gastric Balloon ” – mentally is placed a ” balloon ” that will occupy ” x ” space of the client’s stomach and will cause the percentage of ingested food to reduce substantially increasing its sense of hunger to feed more often and to a lesser extent. The last phase of hypnotherapy is to channel the desire to eat for healthier and suitable food to the client’s body.

Through Hypnotherapy the client doesn’t take medication. The slimming process is natural, eliminating weight. During the hypnotherapy treatment to lose weight we recommend our clients a personal trainer to help drain, tone and strengthen muscles and skin during the process of loosing weight.

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