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Self-Awareness and Why It Matters

  Having self-awareness means that you have knowledge of yourself. You understand your habits, likes, dislikes, the way you view the world, and your needs. You know what you want in life and have an understanding of your emotional responses. Socrates’ famous quote “know thyself” is a directive to develop self-awareness. Having self-awareness doesn’t solve…

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Boost Self-Confidence With These 8 Surprising Actions

  Who couldn’t use a little more self-confidence? Self-confidence can often be in short supply, but there are many ways you can get it back. When your self-confidence is lacking, take control of the situation and make yourself confident again. You can accomplish a lot more with self-confidence than you can without. Once you know…

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12 Tips Shy People Can Use to Make More Friends

  Most people struggle to make new friends, but it can be more challenging for those that are shy. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Even the shyest of people can have a healthy social circle. Shyness can be a challenge in all social situations, but challenges can be overcome. If you’re shy,…

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Solitude and the Value of Spending Time Alone

  Some people love spending time alone. Others are more prone to feeling uncomfortable or lonely. Regardless of how you currently feel about solitude, there are many benefits to be gained by spending some time alone each day. If you don’t like being alone, ask yourself why. If you’re not sure, try spending a few…

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Learning Deep Breathing Strategies to Control Anxiety

  Do you struggle with feelings of anxiety? If so, it’s good to know that there are ways to relieve your suffering. You can learn strategies to take charge of your nervousness and experience the serenity you deserve. You can learn to control your anxiety with simple deep breathing techniques.   When you breathe deeply…

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Make the Holiday Season Bright, Even with Health Challenges

    Sickness and disease can be debilitating, frustrating, and frightening. But even with a health challenge, you can still see the beauty that still exists all around you. Even when you’re dealing with something unpleasant, there are pleasant things to be appreciated and enjoyed.   Take time to think about the things you can…

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7 Strategies for Making Mindfulness a Way of Life

Hypnotherapy Melbourne

Mindfulness is a popular subject these days. While there are many proponents of mindfulness extolling its many virtues, there’s a lack of information on how to make mindfulness a part of your life. Mindfulness is a skill and a way of life. It’s one thing to learn the skill. It’s another to make it part…

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The Solution is Inside You

Melborne hypnosis

Dr. Milton Erickson believed that everyone has within themselves the necessary resources to face their difficulties, solve the problems that arise in life, and enter and enjoy the state of trance. Therefore, the job of a hypnotherapist is to do whatever is necessary to get those natural abilities to emerge from within the client. Actually,…

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Health Increases With Self-esteem

Boost your health

There is a study that has reached the conclusion that when self-esteem is increased, our immune system is reinforced and this leads to greater health. According to it has been proven that people who have greater self-esteem tend to have a lower heart rate and a stronger immune system, which allows them to be healthy.…

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How to live to the fullest with self-esteem

How to live life to the fullest

The idea is that we must exploit our capabilities whatever they are and therefore more than moving around the world we have to learn to interact with the world and with this I don’t mean that we have to like what we see and feel but we have to learn to accept what we live,…

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