The fear of being alone

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The fear of loneliness is really very strong, and it is so strong that sometimes we come to feel unable to fend for ourselves, and to really be able to function we need to have someone by our side.

Of course, except for when we’re feeling sick, nobody is so incapacitated that they can only be happy if they are with someone else, but the fear of being alone can be so strong as to lead us into really toxic relationships.

And then we have to ask ourselves, if can be such a paralysing and confusing fear that leads us to feel less capable of what we really are, what signs are those that indicate that we are suffering?

And luckily, several very clear signals have been detected, among which we should highlight.


1. Compulsive purchases

According to a study conducted with more than 2,500 volunteers, it was found that it is very common for people who feel alone to fill their void accumulating material possessions.

But you know as well as I do, that buying things only gives us a fleeting joy, so after a short time we have to buy something else again to feel good again.


2.  Watching a lot of movies and series

Maybe you’re addicted to Game of Thrones or any of the series that are constantly on TV, well it has also been shown that to the delight of Netflix, there is a direct relationship between the feeling of loneliness and the amount of TV series that people watch.

And the truth is that watching series is a fantastic resource to get away from our everyday problems, while immersing ourselves in the imaginary world that cinema offers us.


3. We like more warmer than colder things

The truth is that although it’s something unusual there is a study that has detected that the more lonely a person feels, the longer and hotter the baths they take.

It is as if we somehow associate body heat with the warmth of social relationships, since we feel more isolated when we feel cold than when we feel warm.

Another possible interpretation is that we miss the warmth of the arms of another people and hugs, perhaps like those we received from our mother when we were little.


4. We usually have friends who also feel lonely

It’s as if loneliness is a contagious disease, feeling alone is contagious.

The more lonely your friends feel, the more lonely you feel. And according to a study, we have 52% more chance of feeling lonely if some family member or intimate friend also feels that way.

And maybe you wonder …

Why does this happen?

Well, because depressed people tend to behave more distantly. Then your friends distance themselves from you because they feel lonely and depressed, and that invites you to think that they don’t want you near, which increases depression and the feeling of loneliness.


5. Our mood becomes worse than ever

Have you noticed that when you drive a car you can notice that some people are like crazy people who can not stand traffic delays? And that sometimes happens to you.

Have you noticed that there are unfriendly people that you can’t stand to see?

Well if you’ve noticed those things, maybe it’s just a coincidence, or maybe you’ve become more irritable, and certain things you might overlook, tend to upset you more than usually.

If you have felt identified by any of the things that I just wrote, if you feel irritated, depressed and unbearably alone, the best thing you can do is to write me and tell me what you feel, since I can help you with it.

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Suzy Teixeira

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