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Dr. Milton Erickson believed that everyone has within themselves the necessary resources to face their difficulties, solve the problems that arise in life, and enter and enjoy the state of trance.

Therefore, the job of a hypnotherapist is to do whatever is necessary to get those natural abilities to emerge from within the client.

Actually, Dr. Erickson was very opposed to the idea of ​​the hypnotherapist adopting the position of teacher, and trying to tell people what was or wasn’t convenient for them to do, because no one has the right to tell another person how to do it, think, feel or react to the things that happens in  life.

And why shouldn’t the hypnotherapists tell their clients how to react? Well, for the simple reason that everyone has their own way of reacting, and how I usually tell my clients:

“Nobody knows you better than you know yourself, and that’s why what I can do is help you discover what your conscious mind ignores, but your unconscious knows perfectly”.

It’s not necessary to add anything to the clients, because in reality our clients already have everything they need inside, only they don’t know it, they don’t have faith in themselves, or they lack self-esteem, as if to encourage them to do what they think it could be the best solution to their problems.

Actually Dr. Erickson had so much confidence in the unconscious mind, that instead of thinking that in some cases  behaved like a hidden enemy that hinders everything we set out to achieve, he believed that if we let the unconscious mind act,  possessed the necessary wisdom to conserve our health, and therefore the symptoms that a client presents, are simply the signals that the unconscious mind gives us about how inadvertently is blocking the functioning of  the person’s own natural abilities.

The trance state was seen by Erickson as an absolutely natural event within the reach of anyone, so the task of the hypnotherapist should simply be directed to allow clients to have access to their own capacities and resources blocked, because the answers that the clients seek are hidden in the unconscious mind, when they seek help from a hypnotherapist.

And the best way to achieve this end is by means of trance therapy sessions, during which the hypnotherapist can awaken the sleeping potential of the client, through exercises and apparently casual conversations, which are actually hypnotic stimulation’s, which can be performed without the person having awareness that he/she is in a trance, nor is it clear what is the ultimate meaning behind what the hypnotherapist says.

I can help you, and I would very much like to do it.

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Suzy Teixeira

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