Timmy the Timid Timber Fable

Timmy the Timid Timber

                                                                              Timmy the Timid Timber


Timmy the Timber was a log at the furniture manufacturing warehouse. One by one, Timmy saw his friends volunteer to be created into furniture by rolling themselves to the front of the storage facility and getting selected to make furniture.

As one friend left, another one came in, and so the cycle of movement continued around him

“Hey Timmy,” said Tara, one of the older timbers about to roll herself to the front, “you’ve been here a while now! When are you going to make a move?”

“Gee, Tara, I don’t know,” he replied. “I know I might be missing out, but it’s so safe and predictable here. How will I know what’s in store for me on the outside if I choose to go?”

“Well, you definitely won’t find out by sitting here, buddy!” Tara answered sharply. “Plus, the thought of an adventure sure beats sitting here staring at these old walls and never moving in life.” Off Tara rolled and just like that, she was gone.

Timmy thought about what Tara said and realised that his life was being wasted just sitting there. He realised that if he didn’t overcome his fear of the unknown, he may miss out on great opportunities to see the world.

The next time the truck backed in to pick up timber, Timmy rolled himself to the front of the line. “I know I’m taking a huge chance here, but that’s the only way I’ll achieve something great for myself,” he thought. And with that, he was off to be crafted into a high-end rocking chair.

Two weeks later, Timmy moved into a wonderful home with another rocking chair. He smiled to himself because he realised that his decision to put aside his fear led him to a wonderful place!

Moral: Sometimes your greatest success is on the other side of fear.


Personal Reflection

Timmy had a fear of the unknown. He allowed himself to get comfortable where he was because it was predictable and safe. He thought that although that life was a little boring and his friendships never lasted long, at least it was predictable.

But after a while, Timmy developed a longing for something new. His friends were in and out like clockwork and he couldn’t help but wonder what great opportunity awaited him on the outside.

It’s so easy to fall into the same trap that Timmy did. Going through the motions day by day is safe and predictable, but it allows for very little growth and provides very little adventure.

Sometimes fear is the thing that keeps you from realising your potential and experiencing a life more wonderful than you’ve ever imagined.

That fear deserves zero control of your life. You owe it to yourself to push past your fear so you’re able to live with passion and experience wonder.

The minute you decide to seize control from fear and take the first step is the minute you realise how wonderful it is on the other side. Instead of settling for the predictable and safe, take a chance on the unknown and see what’s in store for you.

Although the outcome sometimes challenges you, that’s okay. It is through the challenges of newness that you experience growth and renewal. You become a newer and stronger person when you allow yourself to be tested.

Make the decision today to jump into the unknown with fearlessness and the conviction to make the most of it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I differentiate between an opportunity to seize and one to avoid?
  2. How do I develop the conviction to look past my fear and go after my dreams?


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