What is Hypnotherapy? How Hypnotherapy can help you?


How Hypnotherapy can help

There are things in ourselves that are difficult to change, are things that could make our life easier, and much more rewarding than satisfactory if it were possible to change and Hypnotherapy is an amazing therapy to make those changes possible.

Have you thought about getting rid of a bad habit, an old phobia or even gathering forces to continue your diet.

We know for example how hard it is to maintain a diet.
So if we all have something we’d like to change or improve, how can we do that?

How can we break, once and for all, the bad habit of a lifetime? How could we find strength to resist temptation? And more importantly, how can we incorporate these new changes to make them permanent?

If you’ve already tried to change yourself, you certainly know it’s not an easy task.

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy that explores the power of hypnosis.
With Hypnotherapy you can change:

The way you think, feel, and behave.

And that’s why hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool to promote changes psychologically.

Because if you can change your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour – you can move huge obstacles.
You can solve things that once seemed impossible.

In addition to this, when used by a certified professional, hypnotherapy can help in all following situations:

Addictions, childbirth, obsessions, compulsions, anger control, depression
Eating disorders, confidence building, increased self-esteem
Anxiety Relief, nerve problems, irritable Colon Syndrome,
Post-traumatic stress disorder, fears and phobias, handling and controlling pain, sexual issues, relaxation, stuttering, sleep problems
Weight Loss, etc..

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Wishing you health and happiness,

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About Suzy Teixeira

Suzy Teixeira is passionate about life and helping others, she was born in Portugal in a small village around the city of Porto and has completed her Honour Accountant degree and Master Business degree few year after she got married. Suzy been running successful businesses for several years. In 2011 Suzy found herself grieving a loss of a loved one so she decided to have hypnotherapy sessions. She loved her treatment so much that she decided to learn hypnotherapy.

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