You can use these 3 rules in your life to turn stress into success


 3 Rules to use in your life

Turn stress into success

Hi everyone,

I hope you are having a great day.

Today I want to talk about my 3 rules about turning stress into success.

If you are stressed and if you are looking into turn your stress into success, read till the end, because I’m very excited to give you guys my 3 rules to turn stress into success.

You may be stressed right now or been stress in the past, about your financial life, relationships, your job or your business… however it is, you can turn the stress into success.

I think everyone agree that we can transform this negative anxiety into this positive success.

So rule number one – Number one rule is accept the unchangeable, this is a big one okay, that’s why is number 1 – We all have to accept things that we cannot change, so many times we put ourselves down and stop progressing because we keep focus on what already happened. If you are upset with an event that happened or with someone that in some way was unfair with you, concentrate in going forward in your life, despite how other people have wronged you, focus on your future and your success, this is the most respectful way to revenge.

So you can write down in a piece of paper everything that upset you in the past and then you can burn this piece of paper or crumber that up and trow it away and now it’s gone, is out of your sight, out of your mind, is out of your soul.

The second rule to turn stress into success is to change the changeable  because so many times people think if they seat there, thinks are going to change and that’s not how it is. Change your reactions, your own thoughts.
So pay more attention how you react to things, to people, to what you say to yourself and to other people, think about what is the result that you want from a particular conversation with someone, so think about that….
Most what we do is to reflex, this is normal but when we pay attention to our reactions and stop to think about the result that we want, the desired outcome. we turn the stress into success.
So you can write in a piece of paper one thing that you are going to start doing from tomorrow when you have a stressful moment that is going to help you relax and start analysing logically instead of your emotions.

So the last rule, the third rule that I have for you guys is to avoid the unacceptable. Music is very soothing and very relaxing, gets you out of your head, so everything to do with music is very good to your mind, heart and soul.

So avoid the unacceptable, get out of your own way . If you have a business for example, get out of your own way. Nobody else is stopping you from succeeding but except you.

So write down in a piece of paper one unacceptable habit that you have that you will avoid starting tomorrow.

I hope these top 3 rules, turn stress to success have some value for you.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Suzy Teixeira

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