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Our hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne prides itself on a personalized service. Designed be tailored to your own needs and with a hypnotherapy treatment only suggested when we feel it's the optimum solution, we'll make it easier than ever to care for your body and mind in the same instance. After all, a healthy body leaves us to have a healthy mind... but an unhealthy mind makes it nigh-impossible to have a healthy body!


For example, a mind that drives itself on fear and negativity is unlikely to find the solutions it need to overcome mental frailty, anxiety, depression or addiction. At our hypnotherapy clinic, we concentrate on delivering a comprehensive solution that helps solve these problems as soon as possible for you.


We care deeply about making sure that the solution is all about making it about you. There is no universal solution to the problems you face: instead of throwing prescription treatments at you, we delve deeper. With the help of hypnotherapy, we get closer to finding out where your issues stem from and then create an environment that makes overcoming and removing these issues from the mind a much easier experience for you.


Not only that, but we work as a fully licensed team, headed up by Suzy Teixeira. With many years of expertise in hypnotherapy as well as a lifetime of interest and passion, Suzy makes you get a fully licensed hypnotherapy treatment tailored to you. All of our team come from a highly respected back round within hypnotherapy; treatments that we cannot fully believe in and authenticate will never be offered as part of our hypnotherapy clinic philosophy.


The aim here is simple: to help you feel better about life that you live and the kind of experience that you go through on a daily basis.


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