Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Stress Relief in Melbourne

Take control and be who you want to be with hypnosis!

At Hypnohelp Melbournewe provide rapidly effective, premium and personalised Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP to clients in Melbourne.  With many years experience helping clients be more confident and less anxious, you will be in incredibly safe and capable hands.

We understand how anxiety and panic-attacks can take an emotional and physical toll.  And in a city as pressurised as Melbourne, these feelings can magnify very quickly.  With our years of experience, we only use powerful tools such as Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP. How would it feel calmer reduce your anxiety and panic attacks?

We hope this page answers some of your questions.  And if there’s one you’d like us to answer and want to know more about how we work with clients who experience anxiety. Call 0432 987 083 or, fill in the quick contact form.

Maria Susana Coelho
Founder Hypnohelp Melbourne

Why choose Hypnohelp Melbourne

Because we understand anxiety, we can specifically tailor your treatment.  Panic attacks and anxiety can be very specific, e.g. going into meetings, presentations and social situations.  Equally anxiety can happen anywhere.  Either situation can manifest themselves with a racing heart or feeling somehow ‘separate’ from yourself and are just some of the symptoms you may feel.   It is, however, possible to work through these feelings.

We deal with the cause and the effect – Anxiousness and panic have root causes.  With powerful techniques such as Time Line Therapy, it’s possible to remove that root and resolve the feelings and memories that are making you anxious and panicky.

Learn how to be calmer – Hypnotherapy and NLP can empower you to be able to be calm, which helps override anxiety.  Hypnotherapy allows your automatic (or unconscious) behaviour to be different after your sessions.  NLP can enable you to be consciously aware of knowing how to be more confident and in control.

Thinking about it doesn’t work – As you probably know, trying to make yourself ‘not be anxious’, can make the problem worse.  Just as you need some help when your broadband stops working, so, sometimes you need a different expert approach with anxiety and panic.

Experience – With many experience, we’ve worked with many clients with anxiety from all walks of life.  Our Founder is a leading figure in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy. You’re in very safe hands.

What happens?

Resolve underlying memories or issues that may be triggering your anxiety.

Work on any beliefs you may have about your ability to be calm and not anxious.

Replace any internal negative-self talk with a positive opposite.

Create a physical confidence button called an anchor.  This can boost your confidence subtly and powerfully in the situations in which you may currently experience anxiety.

You’ll learn to imagine seeing, hearing and feeling yourself being full of confidence.  It’s a technique called visualisation and is used by very successful people.

Take Action

Overcome anxiety with hypnotherapy. 

Hypnohelp Melbourne uses insight techniques through a powerful process of advanced transformational hypnosis to remove the internal stressors that are driving your problems, with effective and reliable results.  

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