What if you finally got rid of anxiety?

Hypnohelp Melbourne Anxiety Hypnosis

Anxiety is an activation of the body at the body and psychological level in response to a threat. At the body level it can manifest with different symptoms such as tachycardia, choking sensation, muscle stiffness / weakness, agitation / motor blockage (for example, tremors in the extremities), excessive sweating, dizziness, sleeplessness, etc. On the psychological…

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The Solution is Inside You

Melborne hypnosis

Dr. Milton Erickson believed that everyone has within themselves the necessary resources to face their difficulties, solve the problems that arise in life, and enter and enjoy the state of trance. Therefore, the job of a hypnotherapist is to do whatever is necessary to get those natural abilities to emerge from within the client. Actually,…

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Health Increases With Self-esteem

Boost your health

There is a study that has reached the conclusion that when self-esteem is increased, our immune system is reinforced and this leads to greater health. According to it has been proven that people who have greater self-esteem tend to have a lower heart rate and a stronger immune system, which allows them to be healthy.…

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The fear of being alone

Hypnohelp Melbourne

  The fear of loneliness is really very strong, and it is so strong that sometimes we come to feel unable to fend for ourselves, and to really be able to function we need to have someone by our side. Of course, except for when we’re feeling sick, nobody is so incapacitated that they can…

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Hypnotherapy and its benefits

Hypnotherapy helps overcome phobias / fears, depression, anxiety, helps in pain control, overcoming grief, overcoming addictions, losing weight, improves concentration, provides high professional performance, among other many things. A hypnotised person may remember more details of past situations (memory regression) that explain their psycho-emotional and / or social difficulties of the present and thus optimise…

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Build emotional resilience

Have you ever thought why some people are happier than other people? Have you ever thought why some people are more successful than other people? There’s a misconception about why some people are simply more happy and successful in life. When people are happy and successful means that they are doing something different than the…

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Hypnosis is sought by many people

Hypnosis is the art and science of using verbal and non-verbal patterns of communication to help an individual enter states of altered consciousness according to the Encyclopedia Programming Encyclopedia. This state is generated by a gradual modification of attention, which can be generated by external factors or  suggestions given by the therapist during communication. Hypnosis…

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Do you want to control your anxiety and stress?

As unlikely as it sounds, you can also control your anxiety and stress with simple, practical solutions. With so many things to do on our daily basis, many of us end up having a poor diet and lack of physical exercise, we end up getting stressed and very anxious, isn’t it? Sometimes I feel that…

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