Do you really want to change

Believe it or not, it is not only possible, but quite common for someone to consciously convince themselves that they want change in their life, but subconsciously put all their effort into keeping everything exactly the same as it is right now. They even go through all the motions of starting a new project, enlist…

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7 Unusual Activities to Spark Creativity and Passion

Creativity is the catalyst for innovation. Without it, the world as we know it wouldn’t even exist. Someone, somewhere was creative enough to develop new technologies and techniques that have increased both our quality and quantity of life. The question, though, is how does creativity begin? Does it start as a dream? Does a light…

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Quick Motivation Techniques

Motivation: it’s something we all desire, though few of us can get motivated and, most importantly, stay motivated, especially when life throws us some setbacks. This is why I have put together the best techniques for getting and staying motivated, so you can reach your dreams and goals faster than ever. How to Get Motivated…

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