Unleash the Power of Hypnosis

Anxiety is the most common mental wellness issue.

Hypnosis can help you to resolve several different types of anxiety and related issues eg:

– Generalized Anxiety disorder -Social Anxiety, Stress- Depression – Panic Disorder – Post traumatic Stress – Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour – Relationship Stress and Anxiety

Instantly feel better with hypnotherapy – Relax, Free your Mind, Take Control and Be Who you Want to Be.


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About Suzy Teixeira

Suzy Teixeira is passionate about life and helping others, she was born in Portugal in a small village around the city of Porto and has completed her Honour Accountant degree and Master Business degree few year after she got married. Suzy been running successful businesses for several years. In 2011 Suzy found herself grieving a loss of a loved one so she decided to have hypnotherapy sessions. She loved her treatment so much that she decided to learn hypnotherapy.

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