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These days, it’s common to hear, I feel sad, anxiety, and gloominess, etc. But have we ever wondered, what depression is? What are all these states? And does every second person have this feeling of sadness? With the advancements, now it has become easier to know the causes and symptoms of anxiety and depression. Hypnotherapy is the solution to it!

Depression is an emotional disorder and entails as mood swings. In the state of depression, one is always found to be sad and has loss of interest in activities. Depression hurts a person’s behaviour, thinking, and feeling. However, it seems there is no sign of energy and positivity in life. A person starts to feel hopeless and acts dull.

Depression varies from normal mood fluctuations to severe ones. Normal fluctuation is what everyone experiences as a part of life. Temporary sadness, which lasts, for the time shouldn’t consider as depression. It is a constant state of sadness remains for an extended period of time.

However, depression damages a person’s mental health. Moreover, it starts affecting the physical condition as well. So, it is necessary to know the symptoms of depression and treat it on time.

Symptoms of Depressions:

It is obvious to observe depression in a person who is going through the phase. The gloomy mood which tends not to improve at all is a sign of distress.

Depression, if left untreated, can cause severe damage to mental health. At the same time, affect your physical health. It leads to the stage of anxiety, which causes fear and nervousness. Anxiety takes place if depression ignores. However, it further creates complications such as:

  • Sudden panic attacks
  • Gain or loss of weight
  • Suicidal attempts
  • Physical pains
  • Relationship issues
  • Feeling restless
  • Feeling unmotivated

But the question is: What causes depression? There should be a list of causes to understand why depression targets us.


Causes of Depression:

Well, the reasons for depression may vary from person to person. Each person has a different personality, thus leading to a difference in needs and wants. However, there is no particular cause of depression, thou; it links to the number of factors. Unpleasant personal life events may cause distress.

Events like severe abuse and long-term unemployment lead to depression. Moreover, failures, struggles, and loneliness are also some of them. Other than this, personal factors can cause distress.

Factors such as family history, intake of drugs and alcohol, lead to depression. Also, personality and serious medical illness, are the main factors.

Treatment of Depression:

Depression is unlikely to go away on its own. Instead, it needs proper clinical treatment.
There are many ways to treat depression. These include consultation, physiotherapy, medications, and hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy considers as one of the useful and best ways to treat depression. It gives a calm and soothing environment to the patient, which allows one to relax. Due to this relaxation, the patient can exert out the causes of depression.

Light on Hypnotherapy:

Hypnosis is a state in which a hypnotherapist hypnotises the client. It makes the client reach a state of ultimate relaxation, deep concentration, and complete attention. In such condition, the client is not aware of any movement happening in the surroundings. The client is in its focused world; such state is also called trance state. It takes clients into such deep state is essential to know the cause of depression. In such state, the client can explore himself/herself. Moreover, it allows taking control of the depressing state he/she is going within.

Hypnotherapy and Depression Treatment:

A Hypnotherapist assists the client through counselling. During hypnosis condition, the left side of the brain gets blocked and the right side of the brain is more alert to recall all past happenings. So, it is helpful to know the cause of depression.

It takes a client into a state where it can explore painful thoughts, feelings, and memories. However, that might be hindered in its subconscious mind  helps the clients to discover more about themselves .

Hypnosis is an effective treatment when it comes to treating mental and physical disorders. It takes a person to past and pinpoints troublesome area which may hinder its present. However, it allows the healing of the old emotional wound. As depression increases, it takes the shape of anxiety. But don’t worry, it is  possible to treat it.

Through Hypnosis, once the leading cause of the pain is known, and so treated to extract it from the root.

Hypnotherapy helps to treat self-destructive habits, like drinking, smoking, eating disorders. Likewise, phobias, lack of confidence, work stress, etc. are easy to treat, without any medications.


How Hypnotherapy Works:

A delusion about hypnotherapy is: the client is not in the receptive state. No doubt, a successful hypnotherapy treatment involves a calm surrounding. So, the client is aware of its environment. He/she is aware of his/her treatment and is not unconscious. The client responds to therapist suggestions and is in charge of his condition.

The state of trance achieves through induction. However, induction is the technique in which therapist sets the patient into relaxing mode. In induction, the therapist offers a suggestion to the clients, which he/she follows. It is helpful to know the state of the client he is in right now.

Once the induction stage sets, the muscles of the patient start to relax. The client begins to feel numb. He/she speaks of all positive life events, setting its trail to the past. A deep trance opens the patient’s visual, auditory or kinesthetic experiences. It is the deepest level, and the client responds to its live events. The event which is causing troublesome to the client is most found at this level. At this point, the client responds to the therapist and focuses.


To conclude, the results of hypnotherapy are amazing. Infinite success stories exist witnessing benefits of hypnotherapy. Moreover, it has helped to show the direction to people and treating them without any medication.

If you know someone that is suffering from depression let them know about hypnotherapy.

Wishing you health and happiness.

Kind regards,

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