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Have you ever thought why some people are happier than other people?
Have you ever thought why some people are more successful than other people?
There’s a misconception about why some people are simply more happy and successful in life.
When people are happy and successful means that they are doing something different than the people that feel unhappy and unsuccessful in their life.
Sometimes we see people being happy and successful in their careers, finances, partnerships, relationships, etc. and some of these people have been through hell in their childhood, their health, etc.…
So, why do you think some people have more resilience than others?
It’s very simple, these people still have problems in their life like everyone else have but they have copying strategies, towards strategies that helps them to focus on the solution instead of the problem, they don’t see a problem but a challenge to overcome that will help them to develop new life skills.
Let me ask you this, how much resilience do you have?

Lack of motivation can happen for a lot of reasons, one of the reasons is feeling a victim in your life and a lot of times it’s because of the choices that you’ve made in the past. Do you want something different in your life today? Do something different today! Can we change the past? No! Can we learn from it? Absolutely! Think about what you can do different in the future.

Taking responsibility and accountability where you are at in your life right now is the first step to start taking action to make the changes in your life that will change your life in a positive way.
What would like to change in your life right now? What is stopping you of making these changes?
If there is something that you would like to change but don’t how, I can help you with positive strategies to move you from victim to victor.
Wishing health and happiness,
Suzy Teixeira
Hypnohelp Melbourne Founder
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